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Wrike Review


Wrike was clearly built around the idea that everything revolves around individual tasks. Tasks almost have to be looked at as mini projects because that is where everything happens. You can perform a variety of actions on folders as well, but collaborating and sharing will occur directly at the task level, which is where Wrike feels most natural. With that in mind, those who have fewer tasks and tasks with a longer duration will probably find Wrike more user-friendly than those who like to break tasks up.

Task management is fast and efficient:

All of the core features that Wrike brings to the table are built into tasks. Within task management, you will find collaboration, email integration, and file management capabilities.

Wrike believes in its customers:

Wrike has a cool feature that allows users to suggest new ideas. Each user is given a number of votes that they can cast, so the community takes an active role is voicing what is most important to them. It is pretty clear that Wrike takes customer support seriously.

Scalable and affordable price structure:

For what Wrike brings to the table, the value is solid when matched with the cost. For $99 per month with an annual prepayment, you can run a team of up to 15 users with unlimited collaborators and unlimited projects. Along with that, you start with 5GB of storage space and can easily scale up from there. That puts the cost at just over $6.50 per user, which is pretty difficult to beat.

Useful desktop notifications:

Providing feedback and input on tasks is an important aspect of successful project management. With Wrike’s desktop notification system, whenever someone leaves a comment in a task or assigns a new task, user’s associated with the task are alerted by a small pop-up message in the corner of their desktop. This helps your team to never miss an update and to be current on the progress of their work. Project managers and teams of all types will appreciate this feature, but it is especially valuable to those with virtual teams.

Email integration is excellent:

Wrike is a clear example of how email collaboration should be handled within a project management software. You can comment on and discuss folders and tasks within the application. When you are writing a message, you can direct the message to any of your team members by throwing an @ symbol in front of their name. This brings the message to their attention in a variety of different ways, including by email. A simple response to the email will notify the sender both by email and within Wrike.

Powerful file management features:

You may not see it on the surface, but Wrike handles file management as good or better than any other option on the market. The file management features offered by Wrike are powerful enough to completely replace a third-party file management solution if you wanted to go that route. There is always a benefit to having everything all in one place.

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