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Websitepulse Review


WebSitePulse is a leading provider of advanced, independent and remote monitoring services that enable clients to increase the efficiency of their mission-critical e-business operations, and to reduce their risk of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue. Cost-effective, easy-to-use Monitoring Services are available to meet every need and every budget.

Server Monitoring – monitors any type of server, web server or network device as often as every minute with error detection and instant alerts.

Website Monitoring – monitors performance and availability of web sites as often as every minute simultaneously from a global monitoring network. Provides full-page downloads with real-timewebsite alerts, generated if web page errors or website performance problems occur.

Application Monitoring – monitors complex multi-step web transactions and the applications they use. Features simultaneous full-page downloads for every step from multiple cities around the World.

In-Browser Monitoring – Based on the Firefox engine (GECKO), this service is an excellent for monitoring of multi-step web transactions and the web applications they use from an end-user’s perspective. Features inbrowser JavaScript rendering, page components caching, etc.

Email System Monitoring with Round-Trip – verifies that your incoming and outgoing email services are working from and end-to-end perspective.

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