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Trumpia Review

250-250Trumpia is an impressive resource that is among the top three options in our rankings of the best text message marketing services. Because it offers a competitive product with a comprehensive series of features, this service earns our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award. As an SMS marketing tool, it will help magnify your efforts at opening a dialogue with your customers that can drive business to your company and increase customer retention. With features such as keyword management, voting and text-to-screen, you can bring new life to your small business’s marketing strategies.

The communication tools offered through Trumpia are nearly comprehensive, though they are lacking in certain areas. As a mobile marketing tool, it fulfills all of your most basic needs, from sending a mass text message to creating groups and encouraging voting and polls. The message sending process is surprisingly broad and allows you to set up your messages based on a variety of factors. You can pick the method of delivery, such as SMS, instant message or email. You can set the message to be a one-time delivery or an automated, recurring message. At this point, you can then create the text for your message and insert elements such as coupon codes, pictures and special characters.

To extend the reach of your mobile marketing efforts further, Trumpia offers the ability to connect to your social networking efforts. Utilizing this feature, you can post your text messages directly to popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Numerous additional features give a personality to your text message marketing campaigns. For example, you can enable picture and video messaging, mobile coupons and custom data fields. Another unique feature is the shuffle responder, which allows you to randomize the auto-responders that are sent out when a contact opts-in for a keyword list.


This service gives you quick access to major features and allows you to get your mobile marketing campaign going in a matter of minutes. When it comes to opening up the lines of two-way communication, Trumpia can help you to reach your goals.

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