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Strategicprofits.com Review

Since I became a client of Strategic Profits I have work smarter, gained new clients, provided more value to my existing clients, made more money, and worked a whole lot less in the process. It’s no wonder that Rich Schefren, known to experts as the “Guru’s Guru”, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, NewsWeek, NBC News, Fox, and Discovery Channel. Moreover, Rich’s Schefren has received the approval of direct response experts like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, and John Carlton – all agree that whenever Rich Schefren, the web’s foremost consultant for internet business owners, records a webinar or publishes a report everyone doing business online better take note.

I could literally write a book telling you about the years I struggled to create a sustainable online business. If you’re story is like mine, then you know that the years I’m speaking were filled with a greater share of disappointments than achievements in regards to creating an online business. To be blunt: I was failing. Sure I made a few hundred dollars here and there by doing some affiliate marketing or product resales, but in the larger scheme of things I was truly a long way off towards achieving a sustainable internet marketing business. And that was until I saw Rich Schefren’s free webinar training. This webinar open my eyes wide open to the reason why I was only achieving minimal results despite working countless hours and spending several thousands of dollars on software products and affiliate marketing education. In a nutshell, the reason for my shortcomings came down to the fact that I was not running my business strategically. I was thinking like an “opportunity seeker” rather than as a “strategic entrepreneur”. If you don’t know what these terms mean than I implore you to view this free webinar and watch Rich to explain the difference.

Many new Internet entrepreneurs fall into the same exact track as I did. It’s the trap that Rich Schefren talks about in his free training. It’s the difference between trying to capitalize on an opportunity and purposefully creating your own opportunities. It’s the difference between letting others think for you and being a thought leader in your field. It’s the difference between having some vague notion of your desired business outcome and having a crisp and clean picture of what your final business goals are. This is the clarity that becoming a client of Strategic Profits has bought me and my business.

I’ve seldom come across people in my professional life, my academic studies, or in my entrepreneurial internet marketing activities that deliver such clear business growth insights as Rich Schefren. Whether we’re talking about a report such as his famous Internet Business Manifesto, this webinar that I think every internet business owner should attend, three hour long coaching session, or a module from the Business Growth System, each time I’ve encountered Rich Schefren’s teachings I get a new perspective on things and my business grows as a result.

Rich Schefren’s Advice To Me

When I last spoke with Rich Schefren we discussed the importance of me pinpoint precisely what I’m good at. And I must admit, it was something that I had trouble isolating at first. Think about it – in school or at work, and even in our daily lives we are taught to focus on the things that we are not good at and to work to improve them. So here’s counter-intuitive part: in Rich Schefren’s point of view trying to convert weaknesses strengths is a waste of time. Weaknesses should be isolated so that they do not prevent you from achieving your business objectives. Strengths, on the other hand, should be maximized, nourished, developed. The reason is because if you’re good at something, really good at something, it puts you in a league of your own – a level above all those who attempt to compete with you. So when you start to build your online business, because you’re leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, you’ve essentially created your own niche. In other words, you are the best provider of products and services in the marketplace. After speaking with Rich Schefren, it became clear to me that I needed to identify and build a business around my strengths before I even began to think about anything else. Strategic Profits also gives its members access to psychological testing to help them to better identify how they operate so that they can cultivate their strengths. It is this type of straightforward advice and access to resources that has helped me to an advance my online marketing business and to truly glimpse my first taste of success.

Strategic Profits Is A Business Investment

I have no doubt that Rich Schefren and Strategic Profits have put me on the road to achieving my ultimate goal of self-employment through owning my own online business. If you’re serious about building a prosperous online business – I strongly recommend that you view Rich’s free training – it will certainly change your life. But here’s a bit of warning: Rich Schefren is the real deal! He’s not a flake that will charge you $37/mo and teach you the latest Twitter spamming tactics. Rich is a genuinely effective online business consultant who has no real peer as far as I’m concerned. He has a track record of helping the biggest names in internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and make money online game of reaching incredible profits and achieving their business goals. With a clientele like Mike Filsaime, Jim Edwards, Leslie Buterin, you should view your enrollment with Strategic Profits as an investment in your online entrepreneurial education – one of the most important investment’s you may ever make. Check out the free training, and learn just as I did, why you’re business is not reaching its full potential and how you can begin achieving your goals.


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