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Pbnhq.com Review

PBN HQ only sells the cleanest high-metric domains. Unlike other brokers, we take the time to check every conceivable angle to check for signs of spam (including previous SEO). We reject over 99.99% of the domains we come across, even if they’ve got amazing metrics, because we know how important a pure network is to your success online. To recap, here’s why our domains are so special:

  • Guaranteed Powerful and High-Metric
  • Guaranteed Ultra Clean
  • Image Snapshots of the Archive.org History
  • Incredible Prices

Why should I trust that your domains are clean?

Our spam-checking techniques are meticulous. Have a look over our shoulder by reading our Comprehensive Guide to Spam Checking Expired Domains. We use Google searches, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, Archive.org, and a lot of experience to check these domains. We’ve ranked enough sites and built enough networks to know what’s going to help you crush it in Google and what won’t cut it. To give you peace of mind, we offer something no one else on the market offers – full money back guarantee – How’s that for being sure of our spam-checking techniques?

I thought Google slapped Expired Domain Networks. Aren’t they dead?

Big G is a master at PR and creating fear amongst the community. If they hit some of the bigger players hard, the trickle down effect will scare away a LOT of people who aren’t quite sure about what they’re doing. However, based on our rankings (personal and of clients), we KNOW Private Networks still work, and we have no reason to believe they will stop working. You see, whether you get a link from someone on the net legitimately or if you build it on an expired domain you own, the link is still equally as powerful, as long as you’ve set your expired domain up right (which we tell you how to do here). How would Google know that your expired domain isn’t just another high quality link coming from a related blogger or webmaster? The key is making your network PRIVATE and setting it up SMARTLY without footprints. And honestly, it’s not that tough. Basically, now that a lot of the smaller guys have been scared away or wiped out, the competition is as low as it’s been in awhile. It is PRIME time for you to jump in and get your private network started.

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