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One.com Review

367323-one-com-logoOne.com is a web host that helps companies get a web presence with ease, providing low-cost web space and site building tools. The company claims more than 950,000 members worldwide, so it’s a truly massive web host, and it offers multi-lingual support – a rarity in the web hosting industry.

Founded in 2002, One.com is a Danish company founded by Jacob Jensen. It also has a presence in Dubai and offices in Germany, Holland and the UK, but its data centre is located in Denmark. The support team is busy, answering more than 90,000 tickets and calls per month, and the website is available in ten different languages including Spanish, French and Portuguese.

One.com Hosting Plans

One.com’s web hosting is presented in the form of a standard package with a sliding scale of disk space allocation. This is almost certainly Linux shared hosting, although that’s not clear from the information on the website.

The lowest cost plan provides 5 GB disk space, with the biggest capacity plan offering 2 TB for a much heftier fee. Special offers are sometimes available, bringing the lowest-capacity plan down to zero cost for one year, although there is a setup fee on all plans.

One.com’s hosting seem to come with a free domain name, judging by the sign-up screen, although this isn’t heavily promoted. The setup fee does cancel out the benefit of the free domain to some degree.

It seems that One.com’s web hosting packages are geared towards beginners. There’s a lack of technical detail about bandwidth and other features, but the company’s site builder, Web Editor, is heavily promoted. All plans come with unlimited email addresses on the chosen domain, and bandwidth on email and websites appears to be unlimited, except for sites classified as ‘download sites’ where each hit generates 1 MB of traffic or more.

One.com also market a cloud drive storage service alongside their web hosting plans, but this isn’t technically cloud hosting. It’s a private service, much like Dropbox or Google Drive. It is rather heavily promoted alongside hosting, but in actual fact, it’s a separate product entirely.

One.com Uptime/Downtime

One.com do not offer any uptime guarantees or statistics. Their data centre is part of Interixion, and is located in Denmark. The server room is comprised of HP servers with redundant power, and facilities are monitored 24/7, all year round.

All of One.com’s servers are powered by windmills. The host purchases RECS credits to achieve this.

One.com Support

As already mentioned, One.com handle 90,000 support requests each month, so their support department is undoubtedly busy. The company does not appear to offer telephone support. Instead, customers are invited to use an email form or live chat to get answers to their questions. It’s not clear if emails are allocated to a ticketing system, although it would be logical to assume so.

Support is provided in English, French, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. The team deal with support requests in multiple languages on their Facebook page and their Twitter feed, giving a couple of extra support options if things go wrong.

The company’s FAQ covers only very basic issues, such as describing the differences between POP and IMAP or telling users how to reset their passwords.

One.com Control Panel

The control panel provided by One.com is entirely custom to the company and appears to be locked down to some degree. The site mentions that customers can access site building tools and scripts from the control panel, and it also provides access to some more advanced tools such as phpMyAdmin. There’s a lack of information about the control panel on the website, but it’s arguably not quite as capable as some of the more standard tools other hosts have in place.

One.com Extras

One.com do not offer any free gifts, except for (possibly) a free domain name. They place more emphasis on their free site builder, Web Editor, a free video photo gallery tool and a free blog tool. The are only one of each on offer, and it appears that these are One.com’s own packages and are not well-known applications.

Although not a bonus as such, there is a free cloud drive service available This is free for everyone though, not just One.com customers. It offers 5 GB on signup plus 500 MB per referral, up to a maximum of 30 GB.

One.com Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

If you’re not happy with your service at One.com, you can cancel the service within 15 days for no fee. If the customer has made multiple orders, all orders except the first will have their ‘free’ domain name fee deducted from the refund.

One.com Summary

The One.com website is very light on technical information. Despite the potential for massive storage capacity, it appears that the host would rather attract customers who want to build very small websites for personal use. It also clearly markets its services at European customers.

Multi-lingual support options may appeal to people looking for technical help in their own language, but the lack of a contact number is a distinct disadvantage when things go wrong. However, One.com does have very active Twitter and Facebook accounts.

If you’re a complete novice who needs an easy way to build a website, One.com have the niche pretty much sewn up. Just bear in mind the lack of uptime guarantees.

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