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Keywordinspector.com Review

KeywordInspector is a suite of individual tools to help you, the Amazon Seller, gain an advantage over your competition.  While each tool is separate, you can rely on multiple tools at once to help you find/sell/optimize more products, faster on Amazon.

KeywordInspector’s Reverse ASIN Tool is our most popular tool, the tool has been running strong for more than 1.5 years, and has helped 1,000’s of Amazon Sellers find millions of keywords automatically.

With it you can find all of the keywords Amazon customers are using to find a product/niche on Amazon.  Using just a Products ASIN (Unique Amazon Identifier) you can find 1,000s of keywordsin a blink of an eye, many of which you probably would never have thought of, but still make total sense.

A Product Research Tool with the most data, current and historical, found on over 150 Million Top Amazon Products, no other service or web app can give you besides KIPRT.

KIPRT basically lets you search Amazon Products by using numbers, which you can’t do on Amazon.  Product Searches can be filtered by Keyword, Reviews, Sales Per Day, Prices, Category and more.  Once searched, you get to see the History of each Product, and an Overall History of all of the products.

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