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Devumi.com Review

Get Twitter FollowersDevumi (devumi.com) has long been the top provider of Twitter Followers with a reputation spanning 5 years now as they were founded in 2010. The company is well known for the reliability of their Twitter followers service and friendly personal support team. One of the biggest highlights about Devumi is their 1-Year replacement guarantee and 100% money-back guarantee.

When compared to others, Devumi tops the charts in almost every category. The quality of their followers are top notch, as well as the reliability (no follower losses in a year). They offer the best guarantees and policies you can find and their prices are fair, starting from $12.

As of the latest updates in reviews (end of 2015), Devumi ranked #1 for Twitter Followers, SoundCloud Followers and Pinterest Followers, surpassing competitors such as FastFollowerz, TwitterBoost andCoinCrack.

Devumi Twitter Followers Overview

First off, Devumi does more than just sell Twitter followers. They have four services to help your Twitter account thrive:

  1. Twitter Followers to increase your popularity and credibility
  2. Retweets & Likes of any tweet you want
  3. Auto Engagements for automatic retweets and likes on your tweets
  4. Sponsored mentions of your Twitter account and content

Having all of these options really varies your choices and allows you to custom tailor a Twitter campaign for your needs.

To look specifically at their Twitter follower service, they offer 10 plans:

  • 1,000 followers at $12
  • 2,500 followers at $24
  • 5,000 followers at $42
  • 10,000 followers at $74
  • 25,000 followers at $127
  • 50,000 followers at $247
  • 100,000 followers at $397
  • 250,000 followers at $990
  • 500,000 followers at $1899

Their most popular plans are in bold, which include 1k, 10k, 100k and 500k Twitter followers. According to Devumi’s support, they can deliver up to 2 million Twitter followers. You just need to contact them for it.

Twitter Retweets and Likes

Devumi offers a Twitter Retweets service with plans from 100 to 10,000 Twitter Retweets and Likes. While both Retweets and Likes can be ordered separately, we like the fact that Devumi includes free Twitter likes when you only purchase retweets in order to keep it looking natural. We bought 100 retweets only and ended up with 143 retweets and 35 likes after an hour.

Devumi has a quick 1 hour turnaround time, which is faster than more providers that we’ve tested (average is 23 hours) and is delivered gradually (not all at once). The quality of the retweets and likes are great (they’re actually real and active).

The pricing for Twitter Retweets and Likes starts at $9 and goes up to a few hundred.

Auto Engagements

As of December 2014, Devumi started offering Auto Engagements, a service for automatic retweets and favorites. We’ve actively been using it since March 2015 and so far we’ve had a great experience. The retweets and likes are delivered within a minute of tweeting, they always look natural (because its different for each tweet) and the quality is the same as the regular retweets.

Other facts about Devumi’s services

Devumi’s Sponsored Mentions are an innovative marketing technique that helps you find Twitter users who are relevant to your audience and gets them tweeting about you or your content. This goes far beyond buying Twitter followers and allows you the chance to connect with more active Twitter followers and help you gain exposure to your target audience.

Devumi is a complete social media service, offering a number of other follower services around the social media world:

  • YouTube Views and subscribers
  • SoundCloud Plays & Followers
  • Vimeo Views
  • Pinterest Followers

And maybe best of all, a kick-ass social media marketing blog that has been going strong for over a year and a half. Once you have bought some Twitter followers from them, their blog can teach you how to truly use your social media platforms to get your natural followers engaged!

Devumi also guarantees a 100% discreet and anonymous service. No one will ever know that you have bought Twitter followers from them! In the Twitter follower service world, discretion is a must. If you choose to pay with Bitcoin, a new payment option of theirs, you can truly be anonymous!


Devumi has been trusted to provide Twitter followers for four years now thanks to their discrete service, excellent customer support, perfect retention guarantee, and the exceptional service that they provide.
When you choose to buy Twitter followers from Devumi, you have chosen a Twitter provider that will not let you down, and that will allow you to open up other channels of social media success thanks to their diverse line of services.

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