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Depositphotos Review

There are 10 millions of royalty free stock images and photos at Depositphotos.

Images can be purchased either on an individual or on a subscription basis.

Single image purchases are done using credits (see”What are the credits and what are they for?”). The price of 1 credit is always $1 not depending of the credit package you bought. So you can easily consider “credit” as “dollar”. Minimal credit package is valued at $10.

Price of images varies from 0.5 credits for the smallest size to 9 credits for the largest size. Every vector image costs 9 credits. So just for $10 you can get 20 images of minimal size, which is suitable for Internet usage.

For every image bought for credits you can get another JPEG-image as a free bonus. But this doesn’t apply for the smallest size of images.

Those who want to purchase images using subscription have a lot of choices. If other microstocks offer subscription period starting from 1 month, Depositphotos offers extremely short period of 3 days. Such subscription costs $19 and allows to download 30 high-resolution images ($0.63 per image). Also there are subscriptions for periods of 7 days, 14 days, etc. (see “Depositphotos Profile” on the right pane).

It’s worth noting monthly subscription for $59 allowing to download 5 images per day with a cost of $0.39 for each of them. It’s the best offer for those who doesn’t need many images. Other subscription packages for one or more months are also relatively cheap.

If you’re not sure use subscription or not then you can use free trial subscription for 7 days. You can download 5 free images per day. After 7 days free trial subscription upgrades itself to one of the standard subscription plans. Unless customer have cancelled it earlier.

Also it’s important to say that there is a possibility to purchase images using SMS. Using this payment method you can buy image packages. Minimal cost of SMS depends on your region and mobile operator, but in average it costs $1-$1.5. For each SMS you can get 1 image of any size or 1 vector illustration.

So if you buy high-resolution image for credits then it will cost $4-$9. If you use SMS then image price will be around $1. Also there are options of SMS payment for buying several images at once.

For customers who need just 1 image there is a possibility to buy 1 image without preliminary registration or credits/subscription purchasing. But in this case image may cost little higher than usual, it depends on the payment method.

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